How to Identify Termite’s Presence and Control Them?


Termites are small pests that are generally found on the walls or furniture. They are capable of degrading the walls and furniture by eating them and making them hollow. Termites are very small in size, almost like ants and are a translucent brownish colour. Therefore, it is too hard to see termites on walls or furniture. So, there are some ways by which one can identify the presence of termites in their house and you can always go professional pest inspection service.

  • Chewing Noise – Termites generally feed over the walls and furniture. So, you will hear very low clicking or chewing sounds from the walls or furniture wherever the termites are present. Moreover, the soldier termites bang their heads against the wood, resulting in low-frequency beating sounds or vibrations. The worker termites which degrade your furniture make a noisy cracking sound while chewing the wood.
  • Mud Tubes – It is the most common sign to identify the termite presence. The mud tubes act as a protection for the termites and are easy to spot even though the naked eye.
  • Flying Termites – It is one of the initial signs of the presence of termite at your place. You may observe the flying termites at your place. Generally, these are the termites who are in search of a suitable mate for them. These tubes contain soil and termite droppings.
  • Hollow Sounding Wood – Termites consume wood as a source of food. When you knock on the termite damaged area, you will hear a hollow sound because all the internal mass is eaten away.
  • Tunnels in Wood – If you see a broken timber and observe some tunnels or galleries like structure in it, it shows that it once had a termite infestation. Hence, it is another factor to identify termite presence.

How To Control Termite?

Having termites at home is too frustrating. As they create a lot of nuisance and also cause a lot of destruction. So, it is necessary to control growth or remove termites from the house. Therefore, the processes to control termites are as follows-

  • Close Entry Points – Termites get into the house through tiny spaces left between the doors or windows. Therefore, to prevent termites from entering the house, one must close all the entry points for them such as fill spaces between doors and windows. Also one must not store wood against the house.
  • Don’t Provide Food Sources – Termites eat 24*7 and are infamous for eating wood but can eat other products as well. But, in most cases, if you don’t allow termites food to eat they will die due to hunger. So, prevent leaving food openly and don’t provide any source on which termite may feed on. 
  • De-moisturisation – Moisture creates the optimum conditions for termites to breed fast. Also, it is the main factor for a large number of termite infestations. Therefore, by reducing moisture in your home, you will be protecting your property from the risk of termite.

Hire A Professional Termite Exterminator

All the methods which are mentioned above are good but may not be efficient if executed by a non-professional individual. Having professional help is always the best as you don’t have to worry, and you get the best solution. So, to get rid of termites you must hire a professional and experienced termite exterminator. And that’s what we do. We have the best, skilled and dedicated termite Pest Control Lilydale. We provide pest extermination services at affordable rates. So do call us now at 03 4050 7852 to make a booking.